School Choice

School Choice

Education is a fundamental pillar of our American society. Freedom in education is critical in North Carolina, empowering our families by providing our children with the best educational opportunities.

School choice gives parents the freedom to customize education for their children with choices such as public, private, charter, and homeschool. Options in education provides parents the opportunity to consider their child’s unique interests, learning style, and academic needs. The school choice proposals in the N.C. General Assembly fund students over systems. Allowing the funding to follow the student, not the school, provides all children regardless of background, zip code or socioeconomic status, with access to high-quality education and success.

Critics of this argue that it can weaken public schools by diverting resources away from them. They do not support a free market with less government control in education. States that have embraced and implemented school choice programs show evidence that public schools coexist and thrive alongside other educational options. Competition in education spurs public schools into improving their educational offerings and outcomes in order to be the best choice for students. Educational institutions that consistently deliver quality education and experiences thrive. When our schools are motivated to perform at their best in effort in order to retain and attract students, they become accountable to you, the taxpayer funding them. Striving to provide high-quality education to attract students and funding does not weaken public schools, it strengthens them.

School choice and educational freedom are essential components to meet the needs of our students and prepare them for success. Families in North Carolina want what's best for our kids. I personally attended both private and public schools and now, as a mother, I am blessed to homeschool my own children. I know the benefits of freedom and opportunity in education. I urge you to support school choice. Our children deserve the best, and we have the freedom to give it to them!

 - Chairman Virginia A. Wasserberg

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