We encourage everyone to reach out to their elected Representatives at all levels of Government and interact with them. We are a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Please use the links below to visit websites for your Representatives and to communicate with them.


Senator Thom Tillis

Senator Tedd Budd

Representative Davis


NC General Assembly

Senator Norm Sanderson

Representative Bill Ward


Pasquotank County Commissioners

Charles Jordan, Chair, At-Large             Barry Overman, Vice Chair, At-Large

Llyod Griffin III, Northern Inside           Southern Inside, vacant

Sean Lavin, Northern Outside               Jonathan Meads, Southern Outside

Sam Davis III, At-Large


Elizabeth City Council Members

Mayor Edward Kirk Rivers

First Ward: Councilman Johnson Biggs, Councilman Joseph Peel

Second Ward: Councilwoman Rosemarie Whitehurst, Councilman Javis Gibbs

Third Ward: Councilwoman Kathrine Felton, Councilman Kem Spence

Fourth Ward: Councilwoman Barbara Baxter, Councilman Jonnie Walton


Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Schools Elected Board of Education Members

Daniel Spence, Chair                   Dr. Shelia Williams, Vice Chair

Angela Cobb                               William (Tommy) Old

Pam Pureza                                Rodney Walton

Sharon Walton

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