County Leadership

The Basics of the County Leadership

The organization of the NC Republican County Party is an important part of the structure of the NC Republican Party. The County Party is the grassroots of the NC Republican Party. Republicans participating in the in Pasquotank County Republican Party voted in the spring of 2022 to adopt the North Carolina Republican Party 2022 Plan of Organization to govern all of the affairs of the County Party.

It is essential that all registered Republicans of Pasquotank County desiring to be elected to County leadership understand the duties of the leadership position they wish to participate in and how those duties support the overall structure of the NC Republican Party. The Party Plan of Organization contains all of the information about the overall structure of the State Party and it is encouraged of all Delegates electing County leadership and nominees to leadership to read the Party Plan of Organization and understand how our grand old party works.

In the odd years, during the month of March, NC Republican County Organizations elect leadership. The leadership of the County party is elected by Delegates that are elected during the Annual Precinct Meeting(s) in the County. This means that every two years the County party refreshes its leadership and direction. Article I of the Plan of Organization outlines membership and participation:

"All citizens of North Carolina who are registered Republicans are Members of the Republican Party of North Carolina and shall have the right to participate in the official affairs of the Republican Party in
accordance with these rules. All reference herein to Delegates, Alternates, Officers and Members shall, in all cases, mean persons identified and registered with the Republican Party in the Precinct of their residence."

The Plan of Organization in Article III outlines the County Organization and explains the membership of the County Executive Committee. That membership is elected in accordance with Article VII.B.2.b of the Party Plan and consists of an Executive Committee that is made up of County Officers, other persons elected during the County Convention and the County Finance Chairman.

County Officers consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and General Counsel. The four Officers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are elected during the County Convention and the General Counsel is elected "at its first meeting after the biennial county convention unless the county Plan of Organization provides for election by that convention itself".

The election of the County Officers is described in Article VII.B.2.b.i in the Party Plan as follows:

In every odd-numbered year, the County Convention shall elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other Officers as are otherwise provided for in the State or County Plan of Organization, who are registered Republican as of January 31 of that year and who shall serve for a term of 2 years or until their successors are elected.

 The duties of the County Officers are described in Article III.A.4 in the Party Plan as follows:

a. The Chairman of the County Executive Committee, with the advice and consent of the County Executive Committee, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Party within the County. The Chairman shall issue the call for Precinct Meetings, the County Convention, and Executive Committee Meetings, and the Chairman shall preside at all the Meetings of the County Executive Committee. The Chairman shall appoint a Finance Chairman, Auditing Committee and any other committees the Chairman deems necessary to conduct the business of the County Executive Committee. The Chairman shall further appoint a Temporary Chairman of the County Convention, who may be himself. The Chairman shall make periodic reports on the status of the Party within his County to the District Chairman. The Chairman shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of a Republican organization in every Precinct within his County. The Chairman shall obtain and preserve a list of all registered Republicans within the County and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the County, District, or State Committees; the County Chairman shall be an "Ex-officio" Member of all County Committees unless otherwise designated in the County Plan of Organization.

b. The Vice-Chairman shall function as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman and shall have such other duties as may be prescribed by the County Executive Committee. The Vice-Chairman shall be an "Ex-officio" Member of all County Committees unless otherwise designated in the County Plan of Organization.

c. The Secretary shall keep all minutes and records and shall maintain a roster of all Precinct Officers and Executive Committee Members. At a minimum, these records shall contain the name and address for each Precinct Officer and Executive Committee Members. Such records shall be available, including all Credentials Lists upon request, to any registered Republican within the County. The Secretary shall furnish to the Congressional District Chairman and to State Headquarters up-to-date lists of all Precinct Chairmen.

d. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds for Party expenditures pursuant to authority duly given by the County Executive Committee, shall make a financial report at all County Executive Committee Meetings and shall fulfill all financial reports and obligations required under State and Federal election laws. All elected Treasurers must successfully enroll in and complete the Mandatory Compliance Training provided by the North Carolina Board of Elections as soon as possible, but not later than sixty (60) days after election. 

e. The General Counsel shall be an attorney licensed in North Carolina who shall provide general legal and parliamentary advice to the county party and be the chief election integrity officer of the county party working to identify and eliminate election fraud and to maintain trained and qualified election observers in every precinct. In the event that no qualified Republican in a county is willing to serve as General Counsel, the county executive committee may select a person familiar with election procedures to chair an Election Integrity Committee to carry out the election integrity functions of the General Counsel. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in all questions regarding the State Plan of Organization, the interpretation thereof, or any issues that impact the State Party, the county general counsel shall have no authority to contradict the State General Counsel or Arbitration Committee.

The "other persons" elected during the County convention are members of the County Executive Committee. The election of the Executive Committee is described in Article VII.B.2.b.ii in the Party Plan as follows:

In every odd-numbered year, the County Convention shall elect a County Executive Committee of five 5 or more voters, in addition to the County Officers, who shall hold their places for a term of 2 years or until their successors are elected. The County Plan of Organization may provide for the County Executive Committee to elect additional Members of the County Executive Committee in addition to those Members of the County Executive Committee elected by the County Convention.

The County Executive Committee consists of the Officers and members of the Executive Committee and the powers and duties of the County Executive Committee are described in Article III.A.2 in the Party Plan as follows:

The County Executive Committee shall cooperate with the District and State Committees in all elections and Party activities; shall encourage qualified candidates for office within the County; shall adopt a budget; shall recommend nominees to the State Chairman for appointments for County Board of Election in accordance with Article IX.D.2.d. and shall have active management of Party affairs within the County. It shall approve a Finance Committee and an Auditing Committee of not less than 3 Members each and may approve such other Committees as may be deemed necessary. The County Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be Ex-officio Members of all Committees indicated in this paragraph. In the event that it is determined that the County Plan of Organization is not consistent with the State Party Plan of Organization, the County Executive Committee must at the next called meeting bring the County Plan of Organization into compliance with the State Party Plan of Organization. Under any circumstances, the County Plan of Organization must be brought into compliance within 90 days. If permitted by the County Plan of Organization, the County Executive Committee may amend the County Plan of Organization upon a 2/3 vote after providing written notice of the meeting advising members regarding the substance of the proposed amendment and provided a quorum is present. County Republican Parties shall submit, by certified United States mail, return receipt requested, their county plans of organizations, and amendments thereto, to the NCGOP State Headquarters Executive Director, Political Director, and District Chairman within 30 days after their adoption, in order for the Plan and/or amendment to be considered valid. The county executive committee shall elect the General Counsel at its first meeting after the biennial county convention unless the county Plan of Organization provides for election by that convention itself.

That is just some of the basics of the NC Republican Party County Leadership. It may seem like a lot to digest, but it's an important part of our structure!

Anyone wishing to know more about the NC Republican Party and/or wants to join the Republican Party is encouraged to visit the North Carolina Republican Party website and is encouraged to register TODAY to be a Republican in North Carolina!

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