Annual Precinct Meeting


Our Annual Precinct Meeting will be held on February 7, 2023 at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 pm.

The address is: 800 Beech St. Elizabeth City, NC

The Annual Precinct Meeting will follow our Monthly Business Meeting.

All registered Republicans of Pasquotank County are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend this meeting. Our precincts will meet and elect new officers for this election cycle and then the precincts will elect Delegates and Alternates for their precincts. The Delegates will then be the ones that elect our County Committee's Officers and Executive Committee during our County Convention in March. Delegates are the ONLY ONES that will be allowed to vote during the County Convention.

One of the duties of the Officers of our County Committee are to collaborate together and submit names of appointees for the Pasquotank County Board of Elections to the Chairman of the NCGOP. The Chairman of the NCGOP sends recommendations to the NC State Board of Elections and the State Board then chooses appointments for our County. Appointees serve during the election cycle (2 year term) and they participate in a variety of duties that directly affect how our County elections are conducted. Our local Republican Party is allowed two appointments to the County Board of elections.

Another one of the important duties of the Officers of our County Committee are to set a budget for our County Committee that raises funds for electing Republicans to all levels of office in our County.

There are a lot of other very important duties that the Officers of our County Committee do throughout their 2-year term serving our County Committee. Please read through sections of the NC GOP Plan of Organization to read more about the duties of our officers.

It is very important for the registered Republicans of Pasquotank County to participate in their perspective precincts and set up the organization of our County Committee by electing Delegates to serve during the County Convention. The County precinct organization is the smallest unit of government we have in Pasquotank County, but it is by far, the MOST IMPORTANT in that it is the unit that turns the wheel of our County Committee.

I look forward to all of our registered Republicans showing up at our Annual Precinct Meeting on the 7th of February!

Virginia Wasserberg
Pasquotank Republican Party, Chairman

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